Why Me?

Why not?

I am no more or less interesting than others, so I guess it is time to add my voice to the fray.

I am an empath.  I feel the pain of others.  It's not something I can stop.  I see suffering, and I hurt.

I have always fought for the underdog.  I have spent my life in the service of others.  I have worked to improve the world in any way I could.


If you remove the politics and rhetoric, you are left with the morality of society's actions.  It is the moral question and answer that should guide us.  It does not.  We do not ask ourselves the real questions when we make our decisions about the way we live our lives.  It is time we did.

That's why I have started this blog.  I want to describe what I think the character of America and the world should become.  It is time we focused our conversation on the critical questions about what life means and what matters.

My opinions are based on humanity and the need to eliminate suffering.  I have spent six decades on this earth.  I have learned that we, humans, are the cause of the problems we face.  We are also the solution.  When we cut out the fluff, we are left with the truth.  The truth, however, is like the rainbow.  It is impossible to find the end or the beginning for that matter.

So, since it is the truth we must reveal, I believe I am as worthy an explorer as anyone.  Join me as I pursue the most elusive thing known to humans - the truth.

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